Built for Lasting Success: Our Scaleable Business Model

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At the center of Kjellander Group is a business model shaped for success and growth. This design, thoughtfully structured, ensures the flexibility to grow while maintaining the high standards of our products and services. The emphasis is placed on operational efficiency, adaptability, and forward-thinking innovation.

By integrating efficient methods, using advanced technology, and fostering a culture centered on continuous enhancement, we are positioned to offer consistent and remarkable value to our clientele.

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Quality Leads to

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Our Strength

This business model and our strength are created from a history of excellence. We perceive growth as an inherent result of outstanding operational practices. The emphasis is on laying a resilient foundation, enabling Kjellander Group to widen its influence, tap into fresh ventures, and remain steadfast in its dedication to upholding unmatched quality across all operations.

Revenue Sources

Revenue is the heartbeat of any business model. We weigh multiple factors, including cost-per-acquisition, fixed fees, subscription models, and revenue sharing, in the following breakdown:

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    65% Cost per acquisition

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    25% Revenue share

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    10% Fixed fees

Revenue Models

As a service provider in the iGaming industry, we have many revenue models at our disposal. Cost-per-acquisition, or CPA, is a cornerstone source of revenue. Moreover, this generates revenue for us when we convert leads or perform specific actions, such as placing bets, interacting with bonus programs, or taking other trackable actions.

However, we can still offer flexible hybrid deals as needed to clients. Other revenue options include revenue share deals, where we claim a portion of the rake for larger partnerships in the iGaming industry. Alternatively, we have the power to deploy fixed-fee and subscription-based revenue deals.

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Our Revenue Models


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