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Our diverse collection of lead-generating services is designed specifically to drive traffic to your online sports betting and casino brands.

What we do

Expertise & Innovation

Managing a casino or online sports betting business is challenging, to say the least, requiring operators to manage branding, strategy, and player responsibility simultaneously. This is where we can help.

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Strategic Insights

We constantly analyze data for new trends and create winning lead-generation strategies that capture new players before your competition.

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Competitive Branding

With competition for player time so intense, it’s important to have impeccable branding and brand recognition. We work to build a lasting and powerful brand that attracts and retains players.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

Our multi-channel approach to player acquisition and brand exposure is second to none. We work across multiple digital platforms to ensure maximum brand exposure via offerings such as affiliate marketing.

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Player Engagement

Attracting new players to your betting and casino services is half the battle. Meanwhile, you must also retain existing players for ideal growth. Our engaging content plans are designed to keep players coming back for more.

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Data-Driven Improvements

The power of analytics allows us to tackle modern challenges quickly. Acting quickly with changes backed by data can prevent losses and keep your competition from gaining an edge.

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Player Health & Responsibility

While the bottom line of any betting or casino business is important, maintaining a responsible and healthy player base is equally so. Prioritizing safety and player well-being is paramount to all we do.

About Us

From Passion Project to Industry-Wide Revolution

Kjellander Group was born from a vision to reshape the iGaming landscape. Our founders, Niklas and Rickard, started this journey as a mission to bring impactful change to the online sports betting and casino sectors.

Ever since we began, we have been committed to creating growth for our partners. We've been at the forefront of lead generation in the iGaming sector through rigorous data analysis, identifying and being able to capitalize on emerging trends. Our strategic approach ensures that brands gain visibility and resonate deeply with their target audience, creating lasting impressions and higher conversion rates.




FTD's since 2017

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Our Brands

Kjellander Group includes multiple brands in the iGaming space centered around casino and betting products. Our group of brands also includes community-building projects to enhance the player experience and enjoyment further. Tying the communities our partners target into our product offerings makes our affiliate services second-to-none.


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