There is an unparalleled amount of competition in the iGaming industry. Our multi-brand approach to online sports betting and casino business solutions allows us to be multifaceted and singularly focused on our client’s needs. Kjellander Group’s brands uphold industry benchmarks and have secured top SEO rankings. Let’s look at our brands and how they all fit together.

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Unknown Betting

Unknown Betting is one of Sweden's top destinations for top-tier betting insights and advice. As one of the nation's largest betting tips providers, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate and timely predictions to seasoned players and those new to the arena. But our offerings continue beyond there.

Unknown Betting provides the latest sports news to stay updated on all major events. Users can browse our comprehensive betting company reviews to decide where to place their bets. Whether you're looking to refine your betting strategy or want to join in engaging discussions with fellow iGaming enthusiasts, our community section offers an unmatched hangout experience.

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CasinoMagneten helps you find the pinnacle of Swedish online casino offerings. Serving as your ultimate compass in the noisy landscape of online gaming, we meticulously compare and contrast all Swedish-licensed online casinos available in 2023.

Our platform does more than just list online casino options. We present detailed casino reviews of the latest industry news, highlighting exclusive promotions as they emerge. CasinoMagneten is committed to ensuring every iGaming enthusiast finds the optimal playing experience. With us as your guide, every day is an opportunity to discover the finest places to play and the most compelling offers

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Bettingplattan is an essential tool for navigating Swedish online betting services. As your comprehensive guide to online wagering providers, we meticulously sift through every Swedish-licensed betting provider as of 2023, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date insights.

Beyond simple comparisons, Bettingplattan equips bettors with invaluable knowledge on navigating the often complex landscape of betting site bonuses, introduces them to emerging platforms shaking up the industry, and underscores the importance of responsible gambling.

With Bettingplattan at your side, you're not just placing bets but making informed decisions that amplify your betting experience. Join us and step up your game today!